Web Evangelism & Study Portal - Special Project

About Web Evangelism & Study Portal - Special Project

This immense project will be foundational to all our evangelism going forward! Our new website study platform will be a central hub where people will be able to immerse themselves deeply into the Word of God, learning how to study, participating in online Bible studies, with access to all of our resources using powerful tools such as a bookmarking tool, notes, transcripts, and more.

This exciting project will repackage the thousands of articles and videos on our site in a useable study platform where articles and videos will be grouped by topic, and allow an interactive experience for the user to study online including an embedded online Bible and EGW notes. This study platform will be so powerful that you will be able to tag key points in videos, make your own notes and lesson plans to share with others, and go through an in-depth lesson series all the while answering all your important questions!

We have already made significant headway on this project. The Watch section is now available both on desktop and mobile devices, along with a new prophetic news page which regularly gathers Biblically-relevant news in one convenient page.

We have also released the user dashboard with bookmarking and note-taking tools and soon to come are Video Resources, Transcripts & Closed Captioning! These resources will augment your study by providing additional material complimentary to the study, as well as giving access to the hearing-impaired to our powerful videos!

Next will be a total redesign of our articles, allowing for better sorting, and in-depth resources to augment your studies. Following that, will be the release of our full study platform complete with Bible commentary, Strong's concordance, an online Bible, and study lessons as you track your own personal journey through the Bible.

This powerful website will be a portal to the truths found in the Bible and a welcome resource to serious Bible students the world over. We urgently need your support for this ambitious project and invite you to join us not only in supporting it with your donations, but by joining our study platform as a user. Begin your own study adventure at amazingdiscoveries.org!