Horsefly Water Treatment System - Special Project

About Arsenic Water Treatment System for Horsefly Residents

Your support for this short-term project will allow us to provide clean potable drinking water to some residents of Horsefly, including AD staff that live on AD Premises. A few years back, AD purchased a motel in the town of Horsefly, about 25 min away from AD. We converted the motel rooms into units for staff, as staff had a hard time finding a place to live in the surrounding area in order to be able to work at Amazing Discoveries. With the motel came a public laundry that allowed many residents of the town of Horsefly to wash their clothes, use the showers, and obtain drinking water for themselves, as many town residents don't have running water in their homes. After testing the water, it was found to have high concentrations of arsenic, and therefore was deemed not-potable.

The arsenic cleaning system will cost $30,000. Your donations towards this project will allow us to install a system that will allow not only our staff living on the property to be able to drink the water freely, but also those that depend on this source of water for drinking. We so appreciate anything you can give to help us pay for this improvement.