Cabins for Students - Special Project

About Cabins for Students - Special Project

Our mission school needs cabins for students. So that we can offer classes even in colder months, we need cabins that are secure from rodents and warm. Currently we only offer tents for those who wish to attend our school.

Please help us pay for the construction of 3 cabins that will house multiple students and speakers/ teachers and allow us to offer them clean dry and warm accommodations.

Our cabins will be small but will fit several bunkbeds. The 2 smaller ones will cost approximately $75,000 to construct, and the larger one which will offer several rooms, will cost $150,000. Total need is $300,000.

Anything you can contribute towards this project will be appreciated. As soon as we have enough funds for 1 cabin, we will build it. Thank you for your support and help with this much-needed project.