Storefront Extension - Special Project

About a Storefront for Amazing Discoveries - Special Project

Our Farm is taking off, and many locals are coming to buy the beautiful non-sprayed veggies that we are growing in our garden. This is a fantastic conversation starter and many want to know more about the other products we sell - books, DVDs, and health supplements.

But unfortunately all of this is in our office reception area, and we have no way to showcase alot of our great products. Would you help us close in the firewood and garbage shed by our front door and turn it into a little storefront? The storefront at the front of the building will be a place for the community to come, not only for veggies, but at the same time, to access truth-filled books & DVDs that will answer their questions and lead them to learn more about Christ's coming and the end-time events we are facing.

This will not be a very expensive project and can be enclosed very easily. We only need a little help to make a bit impact. Thank you in advance for your generosity and support!