Broadcasting & Technology Fund 2024 CAD

About Broadcasting & Technology Fund 2024 (CAD)

As a media ministry, our primary method of evangelism is through broadcasting the three angels' messages 24/7 on a variety of platforms around the English-speaking world. We stream in-depth presentations on science, health, media, and Bible prophecy as it relates to current events through documentaries and a variety of programs.

Your support of this evangelistic endeavour will help pay for the costs involved which include equipment and satellite uplinks to Galaxy 19 (North America), VAST (Australia), and Freeview (UK), as well as our multiple online streaming apps: Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Android TV, LG TV, Samsung TV, YouTube and our own platform These apps allow us to be on 50% of the world's devices which represents 100% of English-speaking people! What a tremendous opportunity!

Part of the expenses for this project include the cost to market these platforms to a variety of audiences to interest them to tune in to listen to the gospel. In addition, broadcasting includes our mobile-friendly website and study portal where visitors can watch all our programming through livestream and video on demand uncensored, as well as interact with the programs using our study portal. Users can take notes, bookmark, review transcripts, study additional complimentary resources on the subjects discussed, and save it all in their own profile. In addition, study lessons are provided on a variety of Biblical topics. The cost to upkeep our broadcasting project is $2 million a year.

We appreciate your support to help us reach new audiences to be impacted with the life-changing information found in the Bible. We invite you to become partners with us in this project and solicit your prayers for God to guide viewers to these streaming options.